The Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed and established is founded upon absolute truth. The truth that applies to God’s Kingdom is unique, it can be called The Truth rather than a truth. It is reliable, unchanging and unending. Jesus said one day, “Heaven and earth will pass away: but my words will not pass away.”(see Mark 13:31) The truth is preserved in the pages of the book known as the Holy Bible. That book alone contains the full and complete revelation of God’s desire, compassion toward, and purpose for your life.

why should I care?

truth gives

Belief in “THE TRUTH” is liberating. Jesus said the truth would set us free. Those who emerged from the dark ages rediscovered the liberating power of which Jesus spoke, “THE TRUTH”. They were Spirit filled ambassadors for Christ, known as reformers.

Their discoveries involved the blessed Biblical truths of justification by faith, salvation by grace through Christ’s sacrifice, holiness of heart and life, and unity among believers. Their agenda, share the truth that would free families from sin. Expose religious error to liberate believers rendering them able to serve the Lord as He intended.

but really,

Why Truth?

Truth is the only dependable guide to an abundant and fulfilling life in this world and the only means of finding eternal life in the world to come. Jesus said,” I am the way, the truth, and the life”, so may I encourage you to search the scripture and discover the freedom found in Jesus Christ!

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