‘Do you love Jesus?’ by G.P. Tasker

‘Do you love Jesus?’ by G.P. Tasker

This is a very simple question and is sometimes lightly answered. Do not turn from it; but prove now your own self. Have you the same simplicity of faith in Christ, and the same inward affection for him that you had when you first found salvation from your sins? How completely you bowed in submission to his will. How easy it was to trust, and how sweet to obey his words and his will. Love imparted a sacred fragrance to your words and actions which made their nature divine and proved your sonship to God, “everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”  (1 John 4:7 NIV)

The gentle simplicity of a life that is given up to the influence of divine love sends forth a precious perfume which brings praise unto God. The Lord has delivered us from sin and the devil and filled us with his marvelous light that we should show forth His virtues: that we might be, as it were, transparent mediums through which his glory may be displayed.

We instinctively honor those we truly love. If you love Jesus it is him you preach, and you offer up yourself a living sacrifice that his life may be manifested in your mortal flesh. Has the glory of the

Lord arisen upon your heart? Then the command is, “Arise and shine” that his glory may be seen upon you. Is Christ in you the attraction to others? or is his life and beauty obscured by your own self?

There is another thought connected with this. We are useful only as we are filled with the life of Christ and the knowledge of his will. Neither the wrath of man nor his ado (trouble) work the righteousness of God; and the command, “study to be quiet,” if obeyed in the spirit will yield the sweets of divine guidance and sanctified activity. We are sanctified by the will and to the will of God. Our life-work set before us and unfolding moment by moment is that precious will. In this we follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

Only what we do according to the truth and in the grace of the Spirit is of the nature of gold, silver, and precious stones. Some men have in the past built structures of the wood, hay, and stubble kind upon the true foundation, and some are doing so yet. Such works can not stand the testing fire of the day of Christ, although the builders themselves may be saved, “yet so as by fire,” providing they held faith and a good conscience.

Dear child of God, seek to know along what lines God is working and do not waste time, strength, money, and substance upon work that is not being done according to the mind and the pure and full gospel of God. “anyone who competes as an athlete does not receive the victor’s crown except by competing according to the rules.” (2 Tim 2:5 NIV)

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