How Do I Know God is Leading Me?

How Do I Know God is Leading Me?

Q. How may I know the mind of the Lord in a matter? How may I be sure he is the one leading me?

We know what the mind of the Lord is, in a general sense, through our knowledge of himself by communion with him through the Holy Spirit and mediation upon his Word.

There are four principal ways through which God makes his will known to us and directs us. They are:

  1. The Scriptures ( the Word of God)
  2. The Inward Impression
  3. Our Sanctified Judgement
  4. Providential Circumstances

Where these four harmonize it is safe to say that God is leading. If we would know the mind and will of God concerning a matter we must look to him with an entire willingness to do whatever and however he may direct. We can not have any reserve and at the same time have the assurance that we are going right.


*Answered in November 1910 by G. P. Tasker

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