Pastors’ Fellowship Statement on Human Sexuality

Pastors’ Fellowship Statement on Human Sexuality

Throughout the course of church history, the body of Christ has faced significant challenges designed toreinterpret or outright reject the truths found in the Word of God for the purpose of accommodating secular agendas. No generation of the church has been immune to this plight, but the current generation seems to be bearing extraordinary pressure to buckle under pressure placed on the church by those touting “woke” and LGBTQ+ agendas. The past several years have seen mounting pressure on those aiming to maintain consistency with the Word of God to affirm unbiblical lifestyles. This pressure has not just included calls to revisit interpretations of scripture that have stood uncontested for 1,900 or more years. It’s also taken the form of invectives and accusations intended to belittle and humiliate those who hold to traditional Biblical standards of holiness and human sexuality.

It is with this in mind that the members of the Steering Committee of Pastors Fellowship hereby affirm, (not re-affirm, as our stance has not and will not waver) our commitment to hold to a Biblical standard when it comes to the issues we face in society. To be specific, in light of our current culture, we recognize the Word of God as the final authority on racial, social justice, and LGBTQ+ issues. We believe that the scriptures are clear. Marriage between a biological male and a biological female is the only holy, morally right, God-ordained context where human sexuality can be expressed. Sexuality expressed within any other context is a perversion of God’s design and intention for human sexuality.

While we hope to make every effort to be redemptive and loving in all situations, true love means standing for Biblical truth. Ultimately, every person is responsible for the paths they choose and decisions they make, rendering each to glean the consequences of obedience or disobedience to God’s Word and design. 

History books are littered with the stories of societies that disregarded and disobeyed God’s Word. Walking down that path has consistently led to brokenness, division, and societal decay. As we look forward to an unseen future, we must look to God’s Spirit and Word as our ultimate guides. They alone will empower the church to continue preaching the saving, sanctifying gospel of Jesus Christ that offers new life to all who truly seek his guidance.

Pastors’ Fellowship Steering Committee

Members: Jessica Hall (Chair), H. Gerald Rudd, Robert Hefner, Danny Goins, Kevin Beck, Darryl Allen, Nathan Leasure, Nick Wilson, Jeremy Dunn, Kathy Cantrell, Casey Fenn, Ben Liston, James Childers, Chris Current, Bob Neace, Debbie Sammons, Allan Hutchinson, Brad Epperson

Emeritus Members: Ralph Shupe, Bobby Dunn, Frank Ramey, Charlie Heater, Bill Konstantopoulos, Frank Curtis, Dave DeVoll, David Hall, Ben Murphy, Gene Lanham, Bill Means

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